Monday, May 4, 2009

The Gift of Friendship

I recently reconnected with a friend from 30 years ago and it has been great catching up. Honestly, it is like we picked right up where we left off and haven't missed a beat! It has been so much fun talking, knitting, sharing plants and laughing; speaking of which, my friend makes me laugh more than anyone else I know or have ever known! My friend's name is Carol.

One of the things we have in common is a love for knitting, though she is way far more advanced than I am. She has been knitting since she was nine years old and me, only for five years; still such a beginner!
Carol showed me a little sun top and a teddy bear with a matching sun top she knitted for one of her grands. Both were so adorable and, of course, I wanted to knit the same for Layla. (I will, hopefully, share a photo of the sun top on my next blog post). The yarn Carol used was yarn recycled from a nice sweater she purchased from a local thrift store. I expressed to her my interest in using recycled yarn, especially with the economy and my need to restrain from spending.
This past week Carol brought over two great sweater finds from the thrift shop for the cost of a whopping $1.00. We took the sweaters apart and wound the yarn, not wasting very much at all. We had so much fun! I learned how to recycle yarn and now have "new" yarn for another project for a small investment of $1.00

The next project I would like to learn is how to dye yarns with kool-aid. She dyed some yarn that looks so cool and knitted a pair of socks with it. Check out her blog at to see her recycled, dyed yarn AND her, way too cool pair of socks!

Friendship is a blessing and I look forward to sharing more special times with my friend Carol.

"God never loved me in so
sweet a way before.
'Tis He alone who can
such blessings send.
And when His love would
new expressions find,
He brought thee to me
and said.....
Behold a friend"


  1. Karen, you are so sweet! Thank you! I wanted to put my status on FB as "I'm on Karen Slate's blog!! but Beth said that would be uncool :( Love the poem! I truely feel the same way. It's such a blessing to have reconnected with you!

  2. Awh, good friends are the BEST. And Carol must be something really special because Layla can't stop talking about "nana's friend...dat lady Carol".

  3. thanks for sharing ... and I agree .. friendship is a blessing ...

  4. Recycled yarn...that's awesome! We always learn the newest tricks from great friends, don't we? I'm so glad you were able to enjoy some time with such a sweet friend. the are definitely multi-talented...I'm impressed. :)