Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beach Bound!

I am so excited about our upcoming family beach vacation and counting down the days....

The first items I am packing....... my beach knitting projects, of course! I have chosen a couple of easy, summery items to knit out of this Sirdar knitting book.

This book has the coolest summer knit projects.... I want to knit them all.......

This is for my daughter-in-law I am knitting with a bamboo and silk yarn in yellow. She has auburn hair and brown eyes, don't you think this color will look great on her?

This one I will knit in a Sublime soy cotton for...... yours truly

in this color

Now to pack the other stuff for our beach vacation.......camera, sun screen, books, games, bachi ball set, treats for the kids, etc.....

I can't wait to post pics from the beach trip!

"Oh, to be lying,On a beach,Somewhere,With sand in my toes,And the wind,In my hair. And only the sound,Of the seagulls,On high,On a beach,Somewhere,Under sunny blue sky."


  1. YAY summer vacation! I can't wait to hit the beach with everyone!

    I haven't even started packing yet and probably won't start until Saturday...YIKES...Its going to be a busy Saturday at the Broere house!

  2. Have fun!!! We're leaving on Saturday and are super excited...family vacas are always such a blessing!

  3. I hope you all have a fantastic time! :) I can't wait to see some pictures when you return. :)

  4. Love these Sirdar tops!! I like knitting on vacation, too...the finished projects always remind me of where I knit them. Hope yall have a super blessed time together...can't wait to see the pics!

  5. Oh course I did not get as much knitting done on vacation as I thought I would. That's okay, we had such a fun time just with fellowship, games and playing on the beach.

    By the way, the Sirdar Calico book has so many mistakes in the pattern. I have e-mailed and called the company several times but have not gotten a response. Hopefully, they will send me a corrected pattern book. I sure hope so.... I love the projects!