Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

My husband and I just celebrated our anniversary. March is our favorite month of the year for more reasons than one; not only because of our anniversary but also because March is the month of the birth of both our children. Rodney and I celebrated our anniversary this year with the simple pleasure of an outing to historic Salisbury, NC for some antiquing. I certainly missed out on my knitting group/class but this was something special to share with Rod.
After several hours we found the perfect bone china cup & saucer to add to my collection. By the way, I only have three in my collection; new hobby we/I started a year ago. (never been much interested in collecting)
Ironically, after Rod and I found THE first cup & saucer a year or so ago in Salisbury, we had a meeting at a client's home who was getting ready for a luncheon that same day. Linda showed us around her beautiful home and, much to my amazement, there in her dining room was the most beautiful collection of bone china cup & saucers you could imagine with a story behind each piece! It just made me that much excited about my new "collection".
My daughter gave me a beautiful cup & saucer for Christmas and, of course, I cried; not so much for the monetary value but the sentimental value (the thought that went in to choosing the gift). It showed me she listens and cares.....

Rod and I finished our celebration with lunch at one of our favorites.... Sidewalk Deli

"Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart"


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love that you and dad had so much fun together! I can't tell you how happy it make me when I know ya'll are out enjoying each other (and not the office) ;-)

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    ( Now we know where you were!!)

  3. Happy anniversary !!! "joyeux anniversaire" !!! with a little daly to both of you ... :)

  4. "daly " sounds funny But DELAY is better :)